White Toner
Enabler Package

You locally buy OKI CMYK A4 / A3 LED printer Or we provide the converted white toner printer.
We help you to convert your OKI CMYK printer to CMYW printer for digital transfer application.
It is cost-effective solution to achieve amazing brilliant colors and outstanding wash resistance
without cutting and weeding!

Starter Kit

FREESTYLE Rip software
FREESTYLE Rip software
  • Color managerment system (ICC Profile)
  • White color printing (White under color printing)
  • OS : WIN XP, 7, 8, and 10
  • Interface : TCP/IP, USB
C/M/Y/White Toner & Drum
C/M/Y/White Toner & Drum
  • Only white toner supplied for the first package
    you can buy CMY toner after using your original color toner
  • Printing Capacity
    A4 : 11K sheets (11,000 pages / 5% letter coverage)
    A5 : 13K cheets (13,000 pages / 5% letter coverage)
Laser Toner Transfer Paper
Laser Toner Transfer Paper
  • 100pcs of Laser Dark (Two-step paper) supplied for the first package for dark and white garment application
  • Optional paper
    Laser Light / Reflective / Gold & Silver Foil / Hologram / Printable PU

Types of Transfer Papers

Type of Paper Step Application Finishing Feature Manual Download
One step(A paper) Two step(B paper)
LASER DARK Dark Material No cut PDF
LASER LIGHT Light Material No cut PDF
REFLECTIVE SILVER Dark & Light No cut Brightness : 300 Lux
(nomal reflective film : 150 ~200 Lux)
COLOR Dark & Light No cut PDF
GOLD & SILVER FOIL Dark & Light No cut
(Matt finishingoptional)
Metallic effect PDF
Laser Hard Rigid Surface Material
Like Mug cup and metal
No Cut PDF
PRINTABLE PU Dark & Light Cut
  • CMYK Laser toner printing
  • No Rip software required
  • (Only Printer drive required)
  • Small size cutting plotter required
A paper is for printing and B paper is applied to A paper

The Features of FREESTYLE Rip Software

Our FREESTYPE Rip Software provides unique and unexceptional functions for label & textile applications.
With the specially developed FREESYTLE Rip Software, you can experience incredible opportunities by reducing toners and paper costs.
  • 1. Toner Config

    new img

    for Textile application for label application

    Shift toner location

  • 2. Paper (Custom)

    new img

    It saves paper cost for printing small size graphics like logo

  • 3. CMYW Adjust Size

    new img

    A specific color like Purple is produced by mixing two more color toners but a color toner is easy to be out off a boundary of the specific color because of unstable loading of OKI Printer. In that case, you can re-position for perfect graphic result

  • 4. White Reduce

    new img

    The dark letter or image on dark garment stands out well or it provides 3D effect

  • 5. Mesh and Space Size

    new img

    Mesh size: -100~100 pix
    Space between mesh: -100~100pix
    Mesh angle : 0 or 45 degress

  • 6. White Dot Print

    new img

    Normal (Printing after making dot on graphic) Reverse (Dot Printing)

What You Need

The user who FREESTYLE
Rip software
CMYW Toner
& Drum
Laser Toner
Transfer Paper
Want to use
our Package
Have OKI White toner
printer but want to use
Have OKI White Toner
printer and use original
CMYW toner

Washability Testing

Download file